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Sep 12, 2011

The Maldives is located in Asia


Maldives are small islands located in the continent of Asia in the Indian Ocean, a Muslim country where most of its population are Muslims, and passes by the south of the equator, and the Arabs call it an old or Mahldep Vebh deadlines and is likely to have been diverted and became pronounced Maldiv.

Britain ruled the Maldives 78 years as a British protectorate, and the Maldives became independent in 1965, and its name in the official language is Raji Devi (Maldives), with a population of 309 thousand inhabitants and its capital, Malé.

The Maldives is a member of the Commonwealth joined in 1982.
Called out Maldiv

Maldiv knew a lot of different names during its long history for more than two thousand years, although giving several different names, location and description of the islands Aokdan Maldiv it. Was derived the name "Maldiv" from Maale Dhivehi Raajje. (1) the islands Vebh limits (broken open and the altered M-na bound). Franks has been on the term Aryan: a leisurely Vebh, and V characters (linked) is operative and they said they have not finished Dhib then came to the Maldives and translators these days are being transferred without their knowledge or Roukh they said, "Mldiv" a mistake. And its people - has seen them - still say leisurely Vebh "Vebh deadlines."

Indicate comparative studies in linguistics, customs and traditions in the Maldives to the decline of the first settlers of the dynasty Aldrvidah of Kerala in the Sangam (300 BC - 300 AD), [1] suggest, these studies indicate that these settlers tasks only hunters came from the south of the Indian subcontinent and the western coast of Sri Lanka. The people of Garavarro - and who hails from Tamil - one of the first settlers in the Maldives, where they said Maldivian folklore and formed other for a monarchy in Malé. Also led cruises to the people of Kerala to Astotan Tamils ​​in each of the Khdib and the Maldives so was considered these islands as one group in the archipelago, and led trips to the affected population in the Maldives in Tamil and Malayalam, and shows the vulnerability in the names of places, poetry, dance and religious beliefs. Some argue that settlers from Gujarat formed the main layer of the Migration Maldiv, where the cruise started from Gujarat to the Maldives in the era of Indus Valley Civilization. Also refers to the possibility of some Marine Biology advent of some of the first immigrants from Southeast Asia. [2] presented Sinhalese, led by Prince Vijaya to the Maldives in the period between the year 543 BC until 483 BC after being forced to leave their original homeland in Orissa. According to Mahavenza - historical poem written in the reign of the kings of Sri Lanka - lost one of the ships sailing in the fleet of Prince Vijaba and went to the Maldives. Some evidence also points to the arrival of Arabs and Asians to the Maldives, especially in the atolls of the South Maldiv.

* - Block 5 BC: The reconstruction of the Maldives born Buddhists from India and Sri Lanka.
* - In 1153: the entry of Islam in the Maldives.
* - 1558 - Portuguese occupation

Studies show the comparison of the traditions and customs, cultural, linguistic and verbal Maldivian that the early settlers were from Aldravaidyanyen, is likely to be fishermen from the southwest coast of India.
2004 tsunami
On December 26 / December 2004, after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, destroying the Maldives by the tsunami, only 9 islands stated that they survived the flood, while the face 57 the island of serious damage in the infrastructure critical, 14 islands, she had to give up completely and 6 islands destroyed, the total damage estimated at $ 400 million, which equals approximately one third of GDP.

The number of victims a total of 108 victims, including six foreigners, and the total length of the longer wavelengths of more than 14 feet (4.3 meters) and this high level of waves. [3]


Politics in the Maldives presidential occur within the Republic, where the president head of government. Headed by President Atidah power and appoints the Ministry. The President nominated for a period of five years by secret ballot of the Majlis (parliament), and the Constitution prohibits non-Muslims from voting.
Island of Maldives

Include the Maldives atoll approximately 1190 collected in a series of 26 double atoll.

The atoll is composed of living coral crevices and barricades, and the length of the bottom edge of the below sea level 960 km, which suddenly rises from the depths of the Indian Ocean.
[Edit] Climate
Sunset in the Maldives

Indian Ocean has a significant impact on the country as a barrier to heat, and is absorbed, and stores, and issue a tropical heat slowly, and the temperature range Maldives between 24-33 m, although the humidity is relatively high, and keep breezes cool sea fixed transmission of air and heat a home.
[Edit] rain

Average annual rainfall is 2540 mm in the north, 3.810 mm in the south.

Environmental issues

During the last century, sea levels rose about 20 cm, and there are other hikes in the Indian Ocean that could threaten the existence of Maldives.

In 1970, the sea level fell 20-30 cm. In November 2008, President Mohamed Nasheed plans to consider buying new land in India, Sri Lanka, Australia, due to fears of global warming and the possibility of most of the islands that flood water from rising sea levels.

Current projections expect the sea level rise of 59 cm in 2100.

Financial City
Financial City is the capital and largest city of the Maldives

The country's capital and main port, occupies an area of ​​a small but unique and attractive and like the big cities due to its cleanliness and order and system, the frequent mosques, markets, streets interspersed with small tangled labyrinthine those who do not seem to know which is his charm. Financial Island with a length of two kilometers and kilometer wide, and borders Balbnayat overcrowded, and a population of about 65.000, but with foreign workers and tourists, numbering up to 100,000 people and it looks really well.

Odo Island Reef is the second city of Maldives, and Msifha is the best place from which tourists to visit the Maldives and the rest of the population of the island called «Addo» They are very independent, and speak a different language for the residents of the capital and once tried to secede from the Republic. Britain played a major role in changing the shape of the city and after the war have taken the base during World War II, in the year 1956 AD, where Britain has set up an air base, during the Cold War, the city earned the factors that shape the modern look now.

Most tourists come to Maldives in the organized excursions, to visit a resort that more than seventy resorts, mostly in the three atolls near the capital of an island Marlaa North Island Marlaa South Island, Ari, and there are a few other resorts in the islands, reefs nearby.
out of the population

The hobby Maldivian ethnic mix of cultures that reflect the nations that settled on the islands.

Former settlers were likely to be from South India and Sri Lanka.

In 1978 the population doubled from 100 thousand to 200 thousand, and the rate of population growth and peak to 3.4% in 1985. By 2007 the population has reached 300 thousand people, although the census of 2000 saw that the rate of population growth had fallen to 1.9%.

Life expectancy in the Maldives in 1978 was 46 years old, while increased to 72 years now. The suspicious deaths of children fell from 127 per thousand children in 1977 to 12 today.

Aware of the Maldives
Aware of the Maldives between 1926-1932
Crystal Clear app kdict.png Main article: Science Maldiv

Maldivian flag consists of three things, namely:

* A red frame: the symbol of the work, dedication and hard and the blood of the martyrs.
* Green rectangle: the symbol of the palm and Islam, optimism and peace.
* Crescent: The symbol of the official state religion is Islam.

Religious beliefs
Mosque in the Maldives

The official religion of the Maldives is Islam saluting the percentage of Muslims according to census statistics International 100%, and the Constitution provides that all citizens must be Muslims, and no non-Muslim to become a citizen, according to Article 9. And Article II provides that the republic founded on the principles of Islam and the Rule 10 that it will not apply any law against the principles of Islam can be applied in the country. And Article 19 provides that citizens free nations to participate or engage in any activity not prohibited in law or the law. [4] and sources say that there is a small but growing in Almaldivien who doubt their faith, but they rarely announce it. [5] and stick Almaldivien most of the teachings of their religion [of the author of this opinion?] is shown in the official religious ceremonies. [from the author of this opinion?]

Market in the Maldives

In ancient times, famous for the Maldives shells, coir rope, dried tuna fish (Maldive Fish), and amber.

Been used merchant ships to domestic and external loading of these products to Sri Lanka and transfer to other Maana in the Indian Ocean. In the second century AD it was known as the islands (Islands of money) by the Arabs, who Kanu controlled the trade routes in the Indian Ocean. Maldives has provided enormous quantities of shells, which was an international currency in the old time, and chance is now used as a symbol of the cash (money) in the Maldives.

Maldivian government began an economic reform program in 1989 AD and was initially by lifting import quotas and opening some exports to the private sector, in later liberalized regulations to allow more foreign investment, and the average growth of real GDP of more than 7.5% annually for more than a decade of time. These days tourism is the largest industry of the Maldives, accounting for 28% of the gross domestic product and more than 60% of the income of foreign Allamlh, and fishing sector is the second major.

At the end of 2004 Desimbr behind the tsunami more than 100 people dead and 12,000 displaced persons, and causing damage to property exceeded $ 400 million. As a result of the tsunami disaster the local economic output shrank by 3.6% in the year 2005 AD. The return of the tourism recovery and reconstruction after the disaster and the development of new resorts helped the economy recover quickly and showed an increase of 18% in the year 2006 AD. Estimates show the year 2007 AD, the Maldives enjoy the highest total domestic production per capita (4600 dollars) between the countries of South Asia with the exception of Persian Gulf countries.
Maldivian palm-fringed beach ideal long and blue lakes

Maldives was largely unknown to tourists until the early seventies AD, Bntatherha Amtdd on the equator in the Indian Ocean. Maldives archipelago has an exceptional geographic unique in terms of being a small island country. Nature 1190 divided the archipelago into a small island, which occupies one per cent of its area amounting to 90,000 square kilometers. 185 Island only is home to a population of about 300,000 people, while the other islands are used entirely for economic purposes such as tourism and agriculture, which is more prevalent. Tourism accounts for 28% of the gross domestic product, and more than 60% of Alairadadt of foreign currency. More than 90% of government tax revenue comes from import duties and taxes related to tourism. Development and tourism development has strengthened the overall growth of the country's economy, has created direct employment, indirect and income generation in other related industries, and was the opening of the first tourist Almottagat in 1972 with the Bandos Island Resort and the village of Kuramba.

According to the website of the Ministry of Tourism on the Internet resulted in the emergence of tourism in 1972 AD, a shift in the economy of the Maldives and quickly move from dependence on the fisheries sector of the tourism sector. In three and a half decades of industry has become the main source of income and livelihood for the people of the Maldives. Tourism is also the country's largest generator of foreign currency and the largest contributor to gross domestic product. Today there are 89 resorts in the Maldives with the capacity for more clinical than 17,000 and provide world-class facilities for tourists of the more than 600,000 annual visitors.

The number of resorts increased from 2 to 92 between 1972 and 2007 and the number of visitors to the Maldives until 2007 AD, more than 8.38 million tourists.

Virtually all visitors arrive by Malé International Airport on the island of Holly Hall, near the capital of Mali. Airport serves a wide variety of trips to India and Sri Lanka, Dubai and major airports in Southeast Asia. As well as an increasing number of charters from Europe, most flights stop in Colombo (Sri Lanka) on the road.

Gan Airport, located on the atoll in the South Addo also serves international flights to Milan several times a week.
Maldives beach.ogv
Filled video
Video of the beach in the Maldives

For several centuries Maldivian economy was entirely dependent on fishing and other sea resorts



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