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Sep 5, 2011

Khan el-Khalili one of the old districts of Cairo

Khan el-Khalili, one of the old districts of Cairo, which has a large tourist attraction for visitors to Cairo, Egypt in general. Characterized by the presence of bazaars, shops and popular restaurants, is also characterized by abundant numbers of tourists and residents get used to them.

Khan al-Khalili district was a source of inspiration for many writers the most prominent Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz, who wrote one of his novels that takes place and the neighborhood bears his name, "Khan al-Khalili," which has been converted into a film starring actor Imad Hamdi।
Date Alhalilikhan Khan al Khalili, one of the oldest markets of the east, over the age of just over 600 years, and the original architecture still remains on the case since the Mamluk era to the present. Immigrated to him a large number of traders Palestinian city of Hebron and Sknoh and now has the community of the people of Hebron live by the works to trade and to them attributed to Khan El Khalili in Cairo has been called this name because of its founder, is a Mamluk princes and was named Yarkas Khalili, a city of Hebron.

If we go back to time to the back lot will Italana of Arab months (Maqrizi), which says that the Khan building big box surrounding the courtyard and is similar to the agency, including a class lower than the shops, and includes the upper classes stores and housing, has been called by that name relative to the origin-Sharif (al-Khalili), which The large traders in the era of Sultan plum in 1400.

If the popular proverb says: "The man runs the place Mathb", the first dbp on the land of the Khan must be in a cafe Fishawi, who over the age of two hundred years, one of the oldest cafes of Cairo, was the great writer Naguib Mahfouz of the most famous pioneers in the sixties of the twentieth century

[Edit] Alvichaoyeattabr cafe of the old cafes in Egypt and dates from its founding in 1769 AD.

Genius of the place in a cafe Fishawi, who lead the Khan can drink green tea, and chatting about anything the way you want, before the tour begins in the neighborhood the old and there is what is most enjoyable to roam on foot in the alleys and talk show take a genius to break with Olgazha, and the sixth sense To learn Tlassmha, Valozkh compact valuable as a contract, overlapping Kqos rainbow multi-colored, but did not know a date philosophy architecture that was built on the basis of Khan al-Khalili, the land is paved with stone, basalt Black Metallic, and the market covered wood defied time and erosion, and the sun sneak shops many, along with some of the basements full of treasures and rare works of art, made with skill.
Within Khanoama journey began in the Khan must take a look at the remaining of the (tasbil) overlooking the street or the warm, busy and beautiful fountains and windows and the copper basin of water that Troy was thirsty and passer in the time that he was. And requires visits the neighborhood to the genius or particularly sensitive in traffic within the narrow alleys in the crowd mythical humans and wooden chairs that stack them the owners of cafes to attract pioneers, and once to enter the street let go is heard words of welcome Egyptian light shade, and the words of the children of the country welcoming the calls for visitors and visitors to the Gap, " The Old Mistrae watching. " Even entered one of the shops, the seller welcomes you with "Egypt Norte" and is the visitor who has experienced the world of Cairo magic and vocabulary language "Egypt illuminating its people," and begins in the presentation of his goods, to Agah his smile, his words flowing on the quality of his goods, and they are specially made for art lovers manual. Khan experts and dealers in the art sale, and trade and Savvy inherited from grandparents, they offer genuine and fake goods, and they have amazing passion for bargaining, as Atzmon patience and fortitude to convince the customer.

District of Khan El-Khalili is one of the thirty-eight market days of the Mamluks were distributed to the hubs of Cairo, and Khan is located downtown on the old Fatimid caliphs graves previously.

And goats was the religion of God has his conjuring of (Kairouan), three of the coffins of his ancestors and buried in his tomb, where he was buried and his successors, too, has ordered the transfer of graves Khalili to other places and the establishment of a market for traders.

And the manner in which they displayed goods in Old Cairo where she was Taatlasq markets and filled lanes Balhawwanat offering the same goods at different prices, something like Maicon exhibition lasting and continuous for goods of different Mmajth an excellent opportunity for buyers to selected Mairead and choose the finest, and the haggling and bargaining to get Stronger and cheaper.

Here goods of every type and color, of gold, diamonds and silver to the papyrus bearing the words Hiroglovih and amulets, icons and poems spinning, and engravings in blue tells in the reduction of an amazing beautiful story of love in history (the story of Isis and Osiris), which is popular with foreign tourists।
Festival Aldaúekrnfal visitors and visitors to the neighborhood of Khan al-Khalili interfere with clothes embroidered stacked shopkeepers as a kind of supply and temptation and pull on the front of the shops, and hanging hundreds and possibly thousands (swimming pools) within the counters and shelves commercial offer, or in the hands of young boys offering various types of swimming pools, each made of seed olive The plastic is called (the morning light), and some other species belong to the turquoise and coral, amber and convenience, including the Misna of sandalwood, say a rosary craftsmen that make the machine a small hand and accurate name (Lathe).

In Khan al-Khalili is keen women of all nationalities to buy (the contract), which hangs from it (the Eye of Horus), and make contracts of raw materials different, and the customer only determine the application in accordance with its potential financial, and here come a seller (a masterpiece) probably had to manufacture hundreds of years, the day that Cairo was in the Middle Ages a great commercial center, the Far East to bring goods and send them in various shipping routes in the Mediterranean Sea. That was in the golden age of the spice trade with India, Sindh and the country riding elephants bought and men, in the sixteenth century the transfer to Khan el-Khalili strangest market in the history of Cairo, the ancient and modern, a market (slaves), who shot to fame in the East and West, describing travelers as one of the most important markets mixed up with all nationalities.

We have ended that era all Maver of the features of a great or wrinkles collapse, and we are now in new and different era, the consideration of the tourists and visitors to the goods scattered around and Alvatrinat on it (gift) from Cairo Muizz Fatimid, and in small shops adjacent creativity traders to close gold, silver and copper. The scene reminds you of these stores are called Turkey, which markets (Bazaar), which occupies the streets under a huge city (Istanbul), where the streets of the entire stretch specialize in one type of goods. That the most important consideration of the artifacts Melvt Khan El Khalili is the accuracy of handicrafts, there are shops featuring necklace or bracelet by engravings and miniatures served in carved-maker Maher days and perhaps months. And gold is gold no matter how over time or changed nations, and foreign tourists are keen to buy jewelry silver, but Arab tourists like gold, has crept Goods Street chapel the famous Khan al-Khalili in search of (customer) a high-taste, it is estimated that between his hands from the precious.

[Edit] markets Alqahirhecan in Fatimid Cairo multiple markets and public squares were built for the purpose of trade is called (Caesarea) has allocated each of them to sell a particular commodity, and some are selling the things that bring convoys from Ethiopia, such as drugs, parrots, gold dust, and there were markets for stones stones in the street Moski, but now settled in the Khan el-Khalili, agate and coral, emerald, Fairuz and other types of stones Indian, Yemeni and Hbashah and attract tourists and kidnap their eyes.

[Edit] perfumes and Alboukurutsbh in space smells pretty up to tourists who cross the alley toward the street Moski abound perfumes Arab, Asian and European, here's perfume king, amber, jasmine and Ara-bian, hundreds and maybe now the bottle shapes and strange colors contain perfumes unusual range colors between the oil shale in the color of crude oil, and golden yellow, and purple mixed with amber. And ask the dealer challenging time with a smile on (Alosans) that is manufacturing the perfume of it, he said that what I see of perfumes here is [IMG_2651.jpg]almost is the combination of actual perfume without adding alcohol to remember him, and handed me a bottle containing fragrance oily texture, bright scent and said that this perfume is extracted from a certain type of male deer is called ibex musk, and this which confuses the color purple Batama shine under the spotlight is a summary violet, the oil amber Veffersh one species of whales called sperm whales, and whale for Evers this ward but the last throes, or suffering agonies of death.
IMG_2651.jpg (image)
The incense he kingdom, especially in Al Khan, and people believe that second-Arabic gum prevents the eye and envy, and coriander is the leader of the Kingdom of incense and called the name of the people (jaw and jaw) that any smell of the contract to go with him forever. The Khan al-Khalili visitors must have a


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